Would you or your loved one like a Catholic funeral?

The Catholic Church seeks to accompany its members with prayer and pastoral care during any times of sickness, through any final illness, to the time of death and beyond.
Please read the information below and then contact the Parish Office.

Helpful Guidelines

It is more than useful to call a priest to the bedside of a loved one who is dying so that they can be fortified by the grace of God through the sacraments of the Church.
After the death of your loved one please contact the priest who will discuss and guide you in all aspects of the funeral liturgy to take place in church, at the crematorium or at the graveside.

You can discuss whether you want to arrange a Requiem Mass or a Funeral Service to suit your family’s needs.

An organist will be booked for the funeral to provide hymns and instrumental music to help lift heart and mind to God during this time of need.

‘Our true home is in heaven, and Jesus Christ whose return we long for will come from heaven to save us’. (Philippians 3:20)

Enquire about a Funeral